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Halloween Show-and-Tell Video Conference


[caption id="attachment_501" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Halloween show and tell video conferencing"][/caption]

Here is an innovative idea on how to make this Halloween more interactive and fun. You can video conference this Halloween to make your students connect to students of other schools.

Organize a show-and-tell where you ask students to dress up for Halloween and ask them to say a few words about their spooky disguise. All this can be done by video conferencing with students of other schools to make it even more fun. Students can talk about their disguise and get to know what their friends from other schools have dressed up as and interact with them.

Make Video Conferencing communication in schools more common to make learning more interactive, fun and thus interesting.

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New Age Communication

Communication today is very different from what it was a few years back. Take a look at this infographic and see how our world of communication has changed:

todays communication infographic 10 Levels of Intimacy in Today’s Communication
[Source: OnlyInfographic]

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Video Conferencing For Office Communication


Video conferencing is a great tool for office communication. Office work can be done quickly and more efficiently with the aid of video conferencing provided your moderator  does not act like Dogbert in the comic strip below:

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Video Conferencing: Is It For You?


The idea of video conferencing might bewilder you in the beginning but trust us it is not as complicated as it seems. It is a great way of communicating with people. Some of us even have this misconception that it is a costly luxury and we might not be able to afford it. But it is quite the contrary, it saves your traveling cost and valuable time in addition. Are you still hesitant about the use of video conferencing? Wake up and see, video conferencing can come to your aid in various fields. Read on to enlighten yourself:

Video Conferencing for you

  • Educational Institutions can use video conferencing for a more interactive and visual way of learning. Virtual field trips can be conducted with the aid of video conferencing.

  • Banks and insurance companies can reduce their travel cost and save time of traveling from branches to main offices and to customers by utilizing video conferencing.

  • Churches can use video conferencing to communicate a with priest living in remote places.

  • Companies can launch, promote and market your product by video conferencing.

  • If your work involves a lot of traveling then you can always use the services of video conferencing to keep in touch with your employees or co-workers.

  • If you are staying far away from your family then you can see them anytime live by the aid of video conferencing.

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5 Things to Remember When Conducting a Webinar


Webinar is the newest way of conducting workshops, meetings and product launching and marketing. It's advantages are many. It saves time, money and efficiency of the process makes the purpose more effective. If you are conducting a webinar then you must remember some of these advices. Here are 5 things to remember when conducting a webinar:

[caption id="attachment_475" align="alignright" width="199" caption="Conducting a webinar? Read on..."][/caption]

  1. Know your audience! This will help to format your speech according to it.

  2. Set time for speaking on each point that you wish to highlight.

  3. Speak slowly and clearly, this makes your words more effective as they can be better understood.

  4. Check the technical equipments and set back ups for emergency.

  5. Conclude by giving a quick recap highlighting the main points of your speech to make it more effective.

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Home Schooling Can Help Your Child Learn Better


Home schooling is a great way of helping your child grow and learn better. Today home schooling has upgraded with technology and time. One can use web conferencing for creating a study group and help communicate with educators all over the world. Parents can communicate with parents of other children who are also being home schooled to come up with more productive ways of educating. Children can socialize and form study groups with the help of web conferencing.

Homeschooling by the Numbers [Infographic]

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Market Your Product by a Web Conference

Marketing products can now be done with web conferencing. It is fast easy and very effective away of reaching out to your customers. Use fast-web service from Budget Conferencing and notice how your sales graph rises along with your company's productivity graph. | @BudgetMeetings

How to Video Conference in Few Easy Steps


If you are new to video conferencing then do not be nervous about it. It is a very simple, easy and effective way of communication. Here are few simple steps to help you video conference:

[caption id="attachment_448" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Video Conference"][/caption]

  • When you are planning to video conference then first consider the purpose of doing so. For example if you are planning to host a meeting then the webinar programs offered by the service provider should be chosen.

  • Make sure you have a proper place to conduct your web conferencing. If you are working from home then make sure the room form which you are operating should be free from any kind of disturbances.

  • Equipments are needed to be checked before hand to ensure that there is no technical problem during the meeting.

  • Choose a service provider who is trust-worthy, helpful and most desirably affordable.

  • Set up a proper time for video conferencing; send out invitations so that everyone is aware of the meeting.

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The Need of Web Conferencing in the Academics


Web conferencing is slowly becoming a necessity in every aspect. Not only business firms, many educational institutes are also considering the advantages of using webinars and webcasts for various academic purposes. This video helps to understand the need of web conferencing in the 21st century.

[youtube style="text-align:center"]dGFdRjrakc4[/youtube] | @BudgetMeetings

Engage With The Audience You Can’t See.


[caption id="attachment_454" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Reach Out To Your Target Audience Via Web Conferencing"][/caption]

With the integration of technology, communication has become more advanced and it is now possible to converse with anyone ‘virtually’. Executing an outstanding online event requires a good amount of zeal and effort. However, if you have the understanding and the proper knack to make it to the top, these few tips can suffice your need to perfect an online event.

  • Grab the attention – Make your presentation interesting and interactive. Try to ‘engage’ your target audience and make them participate. Maybe you can include a question-answer slide for the audience. This way, you can rouse an active interest among the participants.

  • Be authentic – Work on your virtual body language. Include both verbal and visual actions. Keep the chat panel open while your presentation is running live. Communicate with your audience and allow the flexibility to have them approach you with their doubts. Interaction can do wonders and can make things clear and vivid. This, no doubt, works for a better understanding between you and your clients.

  • Think beyond – Don’t just limit your presentation to the topic of the webinar. Make it much more than that. Make your speech innovative and strategic. Remember, your voice has to convey authority, confidence and trust. Focus on the key ideas of the webinar and provide a handout, highlighting the details.

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Market Your Products With the Help of Webinars


Here is a video excerpt from the movie 300. This video has been transformed into a parody of marketing teams working hard to sell products for the business concerned. Watch the video and see how grave and battle-some the work of marketing seems. But life is simpler now, you can use webinars to market your products. Webinars will save you tons on the product launch meeting, time of traveling and energy as well. Watch the video and have fun:

[youtube style="text-align:center"]5ONezfLHMzg[/youtube]

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How to Use Web Conferencing For Office


Web conferencing is one one of the greatest new age communication modes for official purposes. This has many advantages. To talk about few of its benefits, web conferencing is cost effective and time saving. But one should know how to use web conferencing properly to take its advantage fully. Here are some simple ways to help you learn to use web conferencing properly:

[caption id="attachment_430" align="alignright" width="269" caption="Use Web Conferencing for office"][/caption]

  • Choose a proper web conferencing service provider. These days many web conferencing services are available but choosing the right one is very important. Choose the one which lets you share presentations and full-time operator support system.

  • Open your very own web conferencing account with your chosen service provider to get special discounts and trial offers to understand their service, and get used to this new mode of communication.

  • Monitor the usage and productivity of your meetings  once you start using the service so as to keep track of the amount people are using, and how much you are saving as a whole on using web conferencing.

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Internet and Its Vastness


The vastness of internet is at times forgotten and taken for granted. Today living is more virtual than real. Our virtual identity is something that we care more than we care for our real self. Our tweets and our status updates now set our social appearance. Here is an interesting infographic that gives information about the vastness of cyber space:


Web Conferencing is now one of the modes of professional communication that is much in vogue due to the upsurge of internet users in the recent past. Budget Conferencing is one of the most trusted and affordable conferencing services in the U.S. | @BudgetMeetings

Noise Interruption in Meeting?

It is very difficult to concentrate on the on-goings of the meeting if there is noise outside. Then again it is not possible to shut the world down just because your meeting is going on. Then there is the solution to this problem that saves your day in the end - you can always use the mute button when the other person is speaking so that if other attendees talk among themselves that would not disrupt the actual on-goings of the meeting.

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Be Where You Wan To Be


Does it often happen that you seem to be stuck in the wrong meeting? Do not be, now join web meetings according to your field of work. conducting a web meeting can help you reach your target customers better and more effectively. Here is a fun video on meeting where a man is stuck between Lego villains. Watch to have a laugh:

[youtube style="text-align:center"]xDUOTwFEsoA[/youtube]

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